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Custom manufacturing
  Custom synthesis : In accordance with the requirements of customers or according to the customer need, synthetic development and product demand, structure identification after delivery.
  Synthesis technology : Can do the low and high temperature reaction, and in accordance with customer response requirements for experiment.
  In the pharmaceutical intermediates, pharmaceutical raw materials production, organic fine chemicals, flavors and fragrances and other chemical products and intermediates and other aspects of cooperation, we also in organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, coordination chemistry, supramolecular chemistry and related areas such as communication and cooperation.
  In the introduction of foreign production technology and quality management at the same time, also expanded the scale of investment, now an annual production capacity of 20000 tons. The main products of pesticide, medicine, printing and dyeing, set fire four series, more than 50 fine chemical products, products 90% exported to foreign countries, such as: Europe, America, Asia dozens of countries and regions.
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